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Gather. Grow. Go.

We cultivate relationships in the students’ lives that will positively impact them spiritually and emotionally. This is done through weekly meetings, weekend and weeklong camps, and other outings and social gatherings.

We strive to help our students hear and respond to the Gospel, and live out that Good News in their daily life. We recognize that everyone is at a different point in their faith journey, so our goal is to make lessons practical while not devaluing the Gospel.

We remember that Jesus taught the biggest commandments are to love God and love others. We can love best by both serving and sharing the Gospel. Regardless of where they are in their relationship with Christ, we teach our students about living with a servant’s heart.


New Life Student Ministries (NLSM) meets Tuesday nights, for students grades 6-12. The session starts at 6:30pm. We focus on a relational ministry, spending time together hanging out and playing games, but we still dig into the Bible on a nightly basis.

Our lessons are both Biblically based and relevant to what our students face on a daily basis. Discussions range from dealing with bullies to understanding other religions and how they relate to Christianity. Once a quarter (if not more often) we do a service night, working either at the church or with a local charity.

Each week a lesson recap and upcoming events list is sent out via email. If your child has been attending NLSM regularly and you are not receiving this email, please email to be added to our database.


Winter Retreat is a New Life Student Ministry weekend event that allows students to withdraw from their busy schedules and turn their focus on their relationship with God. Through games and times of worship, this retreat enables the opportunity for growth and spiritual strength within the group and within each individual student.

COG is a district wide, weekend event for students, that creates an environment conducive for students to refocus and re-center on God. In addition to worship and chapel, there is time for group discussions, personal reflection, team building games, and a camp-wide bonfire.

Teen Camp is a district wide weeklong event, at Pinecrest Campgrounds (Fredericktown, MO). The week is complete with games, friendly competition and many opportunities for student to connect and grow closer to God.  The main focus, throughout the entire week and within all the events, is that the students leave knowing who they are in Christ and what that means for them.

This is an overnight event on New Year’s Eve, full of a variety of fun and safe games. It is a perfect night to connect with fellow Student Ministry friends and the low key environment makes it easy to invite new friends.

Mission Trips

We strive to make a long-term mission trip every two years. We have previously done mission work in Minnesota, Illinois, Tennessee, Missouri, Ohio, and Texas. Mission trips help teach our students about growing and going in Christ, as well as exposing them to often overlooked needs inside and outside our country.

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